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Based on my old Google+ SignalFlare, aka where to find me now that (non-GSuite) Google+ has been sacrificed to the LinkRot Monster, here are some of the other social networks I have a social presence on:


My primary social media profile will always be accessible via
This currently points to my Mastodon profile, as for the moment this is where I post the most updates.

Social Network Presences:

When it was announced that Google+ was shutting down¹ (April 2019), fellow plussers decided to light a #SignalFlare² to share links to other social networks we had some form of online presence at. The following are mine:

  • Mastodon:

    #Mastodon³ is an #ActivityPub-based #decentralized #shortform status updates network similar to Twitter, though with a more pleasant atmosphere and an increased status message length of 500 characters.

    While there are plenty of instances to choose from, each with their own local timeline atmosphere, rules and moderation, I went for the 'flagship' instance run by the primary developer(s) of the software, Mastodon.Social. Eventually I hope to migrate to a single-user instance of my own, but for now I'm pretty satisfied with, even though I rarely visit the local timeline.

    Profile page:

    Out of all the social networks, this is the one I'm currently the most active, and as such it is what I've pointed to.

  • Diaspora*:

    #Diaspora* is a #decentralised #longform status/blog updates network similar to Google+ (which is not surprising, as GPlus was based on diaspora*) with a wide variety of instances (called 'pods').

    Years ago I picked the pod, and while I haven't really posted actively there, I still have an account there, which might see more activity after Google+'s demise.
    It uses its own 'diaspora' protocol.

    Profile page:

  • Friendica:

    #Friendica is a #longform social network that places itself in between the #Fediverse (Mastodon, GNU Social, pleroma, et al) and the #Federation (Diaspora, Socialhome, et al), allows communication between both.
    I recently created a profile there to test it out, but since most of my free time goes into developing #PlexodusTools, I haven't had time to use it more actively.
    Its interface and feature set appeals to me though, especially since it allows for communication with both the Fediverse and the Federation.

    I've picked the Libranet instance:
    Profile page:

  • GitHub:

    While #GitHub is not really a social media network, but rather a #development publication platform based around the #git #VCS (Version-Control-System), it is a good place to keep up to date with the projects I'm involved in.

    Username: FiXato
    Profile page:

  • Steam:

    #Steam is an online game store which also offers limited social network aspects such as chat and leaving messages on one's wall. Not really active much atm, but if I know you well enough, feel free to send me a friend request.

    Username: FiXato
    Profile page:

  • Blogger/Blogspot:

    #Blogger (also known as #Blogspot in some territories) is Google's blogging platform.

    I have 2 blogs on it, though neither have had activity for quite some time.
    Ramblings of a Coder:

My primary online profile will always be available from:

You can probably find some other content that is related to Google+, its shutdown and other user's Signal Flares via Mastodon.Social's hashtag search: #SignalFlare #GooglePlus #GPlus #GooglePlusShutdown #GPlusShutdown #GooglePlusMigration #GPlusMigration #Plexodus #GooglePlusExodus #GPlusExodus though as the shutdown happened quite some time ago, April 2nd of 2019, these are likely no longer popular topics.