FiXato’s Music Recommendations

A bunch of tracks I've recently listened to and decided to explicitly share here. I try to keep it diverse, though occasionally I might share multiple songs of the same artist in a row.

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Spotify Tracks

Kenji Ito — Endless Carnage

A wonderful track from the #AdventuresOfMana #soundtrack, by the hands of #KenjiIto and #NoriyukiKamikura. Some wonderful #BattleMusic for the 3D remake of the first #game in the #ManaSeries, #FinalFantasyAdventure, originally released in Japan as #SeikenDensetsu: #FinalFantasyGaiden (聖剣伝説 〜ファイナルファンタジー外伝〜, lit. The Legend of the Sacred Sword: Final Fantasy Gaiden), or simply Seiken, and later released in Europe as #MysticQuest.

Ciara — Paint It, Black

An interesting alternative take on this classic from The Rolling Stones.

Heilung — Hamrer Hippyer

A wonderful track of #VikingMusic with an invigorating drum beat and Viking chanting.

Tuomas Holopainen — Glasgow 1877

Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen, known for writing songs for and playing keys in Finnish metal band Nightwish, created this wonderful blend of classical, folk , Celtic and hint of symphonic metal, all serving as a sort of soundtrack of music inspired by Don Rosa's memorable graphic novel about Scrooge McDuck, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The album features vocals by Johanna Kurkela, Johanna Iivanainen, Alan Reid (Battlefield Band) and Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica), Tuomas Holopainen himself on the keys, fellow Nightwish-member Troy Donockley on the #uilleannPipes, low whistles and #bodhran, Mikko Iivanainen on guitars and banjo, Dermot Crehan on violin, Teho Majamäki (Ismo Alanko Säätiö) on didgeridoo, Jon Burr playing the harmonica, orchestral arrangement and direction by Pip Williams, and support of both the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Metro Voices. This song is the first song of the album. #ScroogeMcDuck #McDuck #LifeAndTimes #TuomasHolopainen

Alestorm — The Sunk'n Norwegian

Time for some #PirateMetal by #Alestorm. From Spotify's Biography page for the band: "Avast, ye landlubbers! From the deepest darkest depths of the Caribbean comes ALESTORM, a drunken band of pirates on an epic quest to drink your beer, steal your rum, and be the greatest damn band that ever did sail the seven seas! From humble beginnings playing shows to farm animals in a field somewhere in Eastern Scotland, Alestorm have evolved into an international party machine hellbent on conquering album charts and festival stages throughout the world, with their infectious brand of 'Pirate Metal' and their dashing good looks. Somehow they've managed to convince hundreds of thousands of people from New Zealand to Argentina to Lithuania and everywhere inbetween (except Paraguay), that it's cool to wear a pirate hat and sing stupid songs about getting drunk and stealing ships. So prepare your spleens, because Alestorm are coming to kick ass and chew gum. And they're all out of ass." #ContentWarning: #ExplicitLanguage

Machinae Supremacy — Nemesis

Machinae Supremacy is a wonderful #SIDmetal band who tend to use #SID and other #chiptune sounds in their #metalMusic tracks, though this track is closer to #PowerMetal I guess?

Rotersand — Exterminate Annihilate Destroy

A song using #DoctorWho #Dalek samples.

YouTube Videos

A Metal tribute to the history of video games, by #FamilyJules. Lots of classic #VGM tunes in a delicious #MetalMusic #Medley.

A Metal tribute to the history of video games, by #FamilyJules. Lots of classic #VGM tunes in a delicious #MetalMusic #Medley.

SNATCHER's "One Night In Neo Kobe City" by the Super Soul Bros.

A cover by the #SuperSoulBros of "One Night In Neo Kobe City" from the classic #Konami #MSX / #SegaCD game #SNATCHER. Lotsa #funk, #jazz and #soul.

Radical Dreamers: A Chrono Cross Medley

A lovely #medley of music from #ChronoCross by #RadicalDreamers. A variety of real instruments were used to create a mostly upbeat arrangement of #RetroGaming #SNES goodness!

RIP AND TEAR! CLICK, CLICK, BOOM BOOM! A lovely tribute to #DOOM 2016 by #MiracleOfSound.

RIP AND TEAR! CLICK, CLICK, BOOM BOOM! A lovely tribute to #DOOM 2016 by #MiracleOfSound.

Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons, live at Magfest.

If you like game music, and Command & Conquer's soundtrack in particular, then you'll dig this performance by Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons, live at Magfest. #chipmetal #gamerock

Nightwish - The Islander (2008) Official Music Video #Nightwish

Nightwish - The Islander (2008) Official Music Video #Nightwish